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Our services

Currently our management allows us to develop programs such as:

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Early Childhood Care - “Brilliant Thinkers” Children's Center

The Brillante Pensadores Children's Center (CIBRIPE) is based on Reggio Emilia pedagogy, which provides experiences that cover all aspects of the boy and girl's being, allowing conflict resolution, respect for life and the skills that required to make good decisions.

Our pedagogical model is aimed at acquiring a harmony between the physical, the intellectual and the spiritual, in infants, we are committed to self-knowledge, spiritual development in leading a life with knowledge based on wisdom, the ethical values of: non-violence, love, service, generosity, forgiveness and eco-sensitivity, with the aim of forming universal beings at the service of the community.

Beneficiaries: Boys and girls under 5 years of age.

Learning Club Program

It is a specialized care modality for boys, girls, adolescents, between 6 and 13 years old. This project was born from the desire to offer the necessary tools so that children and adolescents make good use of their free time through academic support activities. and artistic training.

It is based on holistic pedagogy that allows the development and balance between the mind, body and spirit, which contributes to the integral development of the being.

Beneficiaries: Girls, boys and adolescents between 6 and 13 years old, Impact: with a view to impacting 300 girls, boys and adolescents


Orchard SembrArte

The development of this project seeks to generate a sense of belonging to the territory focused on the needs of increasing food security and balancing nutrition. Disseminating appropriate technologies for the production of vegetables for family consumption.

Beneficiaries: It is aimed at small farmers, adolescent boys, girls and adults in rural and urban areas who can access small areas of land to cultivate, with the confidence that better nutrition and better income can be achieved through family work. in vegetable production.

Impact: It seeks to contribute to food security, income generation and lay the foundations for the production of family farming crops through the training of technical personnel and the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices.

Learning Together

This space offers the family nucleus guidelines for care, upbringing and establishing limits, which allows the full development of the boy and girl, thus strengthening the fraternal bond, through integration activities and workshops, in order to promote healthy family relationships. .

Beneficiaries: It is aimed at men and women who are fathers or mothers.

Impact: We have planned to impact 400 families.

Beneficiaries: Girls, boys and adolescents between 6 and 13 years old, Impact: with a view to impacting 300 girls, boys and adolescents


Rural women's circle

It is a space for training, reflection and exchange of knowledge, experiences that promote emotional health, generating a process for the training of women where the critical, reflective and supportive capacity allows them to transform their own reality, through the construction of a life project from the perspective of the gender approach.

Beneficiaries: This space is aimed at women regardless of age.

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