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Our history

THE SEEDS OF TRANSFORMATION CORPORATION (CORPOSET) was founded on June 27, 2017 by the Graduate in Early Childhood Education Vanessa Palacios Quintero and Guillermo Rodríguez Molina, in the town of Felidia – Valle del Cauca, due to the need that the community in the sector had. and the surrounding villages to make up for the deficiencies that existed with respect to the care of Early Childhood boys and girls. THE CORPORATION began as a Children's Center called Brillantes Pensadores.

The teacher Vanessa, in her heart as an educator, spared no effort to start in a small room on loan, waiting to be able to rent a larger space with the possibility of improving the quality of the service provided, she started with three children. Four months later, the Children's Center moved to a studio apartment, offering the possibility of serving more minors.

By 2018, the prestige of the Children's Center was growing because mothers valued the care provided to their sons and daughters, and recommended it to family and friends. Its purpose has been to offer families in the sector a truly committed institution. with Early Childhood. Through effort, perseverance and complete trust in God they managed to sustain themselves month after month.

The Felidia District is growing at the same time as the city of Santiago Cali, and with it the child population and the needs of the community. That is why in 2019, the SEEDS OF TRANSFORMATION CORPORATION was established, which designs a care model appropriate to the characteristics, interest and dynamics of the rural area, thus developing care programs and services for Early Childhood, childhood, adolescence. , among others.

Currently, the SEMILLAS DE TRANSFORMACIÓN CORPORATION is committed to the development of its corporate purpose, to impact Colombian families in both rural and urban areas that require it.

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